The Technomancer Review

The Technomancer, Spiders, XBox One/PC £34.99, PS4 £39.99, Website

Currently on Sale on Steam for £29.74

The Technomancer is an action RPG, set a couple of hundred years after the colonization of Mars. You play a rookie Technomancer called Zachariah, newly initiated member of a society of mage-warriors on the Red Planet, skilled in combat and with powers to generate electricity that can empower weapons or fire a full on blast at the enemy.

The character has access to three styles of combat, quarterstaff, mace and shield or rogue-like hand weapon and gun and you can switch between styles mid-fight or specialise in one as you advance. The feeling is that you need a different style for fighting different enemies but I found the heavy hitting quarterstaff to be fairly effective against everything.

The game also has a system to bring along a team with you, each have their own skills to compliment your own.

The storyline is interesting and refreshing to see in a science fiction game, something we haven’t seen since the Mass Effect series (which this game reminded me of)

On the downside, the graphics are a little clunky and somewhat dated. You tend to look over this mid combat but it’s very obvious as you run about the world. I also found the cities to be confusing and with no way to view the map while you run, there’s a lot of switching between map and the main screen to figure where to go, something that has been overcome in other games using minimaps or overlays.

In the early game there is an awesome and fiendishly tough bossfight with a giant spider and this bodes well for boss fights later in the game. 20+ hours in and I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface, I look forward to playing through the whole story to how it plays out

Overall though, The Technomancer is a fun game and definitely worth a playthrough, if only while you wait for the next Mass Effect to come out.

This review appeared in a more truncated form on the British Fantasy Society website

Space Run Galaxy review from Passtech Games

Space Run Galaxy, PassTech Games, PC, £14.99, Website

At time of publishing, the game is available on Steam for £12.74.

This is the sequel to 2014’s Space Run from one-man French studio, Pass Tech games. It has been described as a cross between a tower defence game and Space Invaders and I think that’s a fairly accurate description.

The player works as a freight runner, partaking in various missions to carry goods from planet to planet for various employees. The ship is made up of hex nodes, with a central power core in the centre leaving the others free to carry cargo and build on equipment such as guns, shields and repair modules. 

These are purchased during each run using currency gained from shooting enemies and asteroids. Your initial amount of currency will only buy so much so the player needs to be tactical. Working your way through a level facing aliens, pirates and asteroids, the aim is to survive the run without losing your cargo (or your power core, which spells Game Over if destroyed)

Each run is similar to the game FTL but plays in realtime instead of being turn based. In between runs you can buy access to additional modules from local mechanics, trade materials that you obtain through runs and obtain different ships of various hex shapes that provide different builds.

It’s also possible to have runs as a multiplayer experience though I’ve not yet tried this.

The game has some 30 achievements on Steam and ton of missions to go through. Space Run is a lot of fun and can be challenging even for the most seasoned tactician.

The basis for this review first appeared on the British Fantasy Society website

Neverwinter Anniversary Event

I’ve been away from Neverwinter for far too long. There was a time when it was my number two MMO, after LOTRO and I spent a lot of time there. I created my own content, I played the mobile crafting version of the game when I wasn’t logged in to the main game and I loved it.

The story content was great and each zone flowed to the next, group content was easy to get into and user generated content in the Foundry added an extra layer to the already well polished veneer.

Then came the events, always well done with one small drawback that seems the same in events in every example of MMO’s, they are grindy as hell. I threw myself into the Winter festival a couple of years ago and all I remember of it was a LOT of ice fishing. There was a particular pet I was after and I eventually got it but that burnt me out and I’ve barely set foot in the game since, until now.

I recently got a notification of the game’s Three-Year Anniversary and naturally there is an accompanying in-game event and this called to me. Now it seems odd that the exact type of content that drove me from the game has drawn me back, but here I am.

As I really had no memory of how to play my game, I selected one of my lower level alts to jump back in on and try to learn the game from scratch. Elbereth, Level 21 Hunter Ranger was back in action!

Within a couple of hours, she was up to level 24, I’d figured out what was junk in my bags and cleared some space and ran a couple of simple quests to get used to combat again before looking for the Anniversary content.

The one thing I like about Neverwinter’s event content is that it tends to be all in one place (unlike LOTRO where it’s all over the starter zones) and this event is no different. Elminster, the infamous Wizard I read about as a teenager was in Protectors Enclave, the start hub and he had quests to hand out!

There’s a mixture of simple quests, like find an NPC in a particular zone, or retrieve an item then there’s a grouped skirmish that can completed daily. My first experience of this was great, the grouping simple as it ever was and easy enough that I didn’t get yelled at or booted for not pulling my weight or not knowing what the hell I was doing!

As with all such events, there are rewards to be had. A new companion in the form of a travelling minstrel (Seen juggling juggling behind Elminster above), a couple of lovely looking thrones (also pictured above, presumably for housing, that I’ve not yet looked into), a few cosmetic cloaks and armour pieces and a lovely new mount, the Jubilee Parade Horse.

One thing I like about Nevwerwinter is that you can view exactly what the items look like so you’re not just grinding without seeing the end goal. That mount is 3000 Anniversary coins, of which I barely earned 150 on my first day so not sure I’ll be grinding for that!

All in all, Neverwinter is still a beautiful game and if the gameplay can keep me engaged, I may try to level Elbereth to cap and see where that takes me.

Return to Neverwinter and completely baffled!

So I decided to return to a couple of MMO’s I’ve played in the past, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. Both are Cryptic games so play in a similar way and both left me feeling completely baffled. When I logged into STO, the screen flashed with so many updates and messages I logged out straight away.

Then I tried Neverwinter and experienced the same thing. I’ve only been away for about 12 months, but so much has changed and even though my main was just 7 levels from cap when I left I now feel like a complete Noob. I have bags full of gear I don’t know what to do with, skills I don’t know how to activate and so many open quests and invites I’m left feeling overwhelmed. I managed to find a level appropriate quest line and did a few quests without dying too much, before running into a massive Dragon, that was apparently “Heroic Level”

I assisted in taking the dragon down, though I’m sure my contribution was very little and got more currency I don’t know what to do with. Maybe I should just roll a new character and start from scratch again.

Have you ever returned to an MMO and felt completely lost?

Post Blaugust Post Blaugust Post…Post

I have a tendency to write less rather than long rambling posts, mostly because I want to get back to gaming, so I’m glad I don’t have the pressure of writing a minimum sentence count, now Blaugust is over!

Today Belghast announced the statistics of the Blaugust on the Tales of the Aggronaut blog and they make for very impressive reading. 88 people signed up for the challenge of posting every day through the 31 days of August and 56 of those made it to the end.

Belghast has kindly awarded participants with badges for their blogs. This one you will see proudly displayed on my sidebar, the Veteran part because I entered last year and Conquerer as I made all 31 posts within the month.

 I found it personally challenging, especially as I was on holiday and travelling around Portugal for 7 of those days. Thankfully technology allows blogging to continue no matter where you are!

In addition to that, I was also fortunate enough to win one of the prizes donated by Kings Isle Entertainment.

My code unlocked a bundle of items for kids MMO Wizard 101

  • Grand Tourney Arena
  • Dyeable Destrier Mount
  • Squirerel Pet
  • Valiant Jouster’s Armor
  • Valiant Jouster’s Lance

There also appears to be a ton of store currency as well, so I know my daughter will love trying out the game.

So congrats to everyone that entered and thanks to Belghast for all your work in this.

Blaugust Day 31 – The madness is finally over!

Blaugust is finally drawing to a close and what a month it turned out to be. I managed to post every one of the 31 days, even while travelling for the first few days of the month.

During the time, I made a few new gamer contacts, found some great blogs and realised how truly impressive what Belghast and others do, writing every day, is. Some of these I’ll adding to sites blogroll, when I get around to it.

I have picked up 16 new followers on Twitter as a direct result and Blaugust and received a number kind comments on the blog. My page views naturally shot up, though oddly I posted an extra post that I didn’t tag as Blaugust (via my Indie Horror blog) and it got double the views.

I tagged each daily post with #blaugust on Twitter and titled each post such, as requested by Belghast. I also posted them as a Blog in Anook and on the Annok forum for each specific day. It taught me the importance of Social Media for spreading the word and even though it was at a time when Bloggers were supporting each other, the usefulness of such tools cannot be underestimated.

I also learned not to be so strict with Gamer to do lists. I’m not great at sticking to them, but I found it helpful to set goals through the month.

Blaugust has also helped me decide the future of my blogs. Shortly before it began, I consolidated my three blogs at but was still posting to each individually then exporting/importing. I’ve now decided that the gaming element will now be posted directly and my old will be left as an archive. The gardening and horror blogs, which I posted to much less frequently, will continue to have their own homes but will be cross posted to

So, thanks to Belghast for putting us all through this, congratulations to all the bloggers that made it to end, commiserations to those that dropped out early, hopefully you can try again next year…you can have my slot 🙂

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Blaugust Day 30 – Chickengard!

To end ‘The Month a’ the Chicken’, a series of Chicken themed events on Landroval, our Kinship The Courserrim hosted a chicken race from Sandson’s Farm to Isengard, this race has become known as Chickengard. Here’s what our Kin leader Bredhe had to say prior to the event.

The Remediators entertaining at Sandson’s Farm

A Race to Isengard
for Truly Plucky Chickens!
2:30 pm to 5 pm servertime
Sunday, August 30, 2015
For all Plucky Chickens!
Hosted by Courserrim & Friends
Welcoming music by the Remediators
Meet at Sandson’s Farm, The Shire, Landroval
Race Start Time: 3:00 pm
Finish Line: The first step to the entrance of the Tower of Orthanc
Which plucky Chicken will be the lucky one to reach the steps of the Tower of Orthanc first? That Chicken will win a fabulous prize of nine companions (a variety of cosmetic pets from Roving Threats, Osgiliath, Gondor, and festivals) because, of course, Chickens like to talk with other creatures!
Plucky Chickens should seek Helping Companions and Tenders to escort them on this perilous journey. Any route to Isengard may be taken. Any stratagems and other gimmicks employed by the Plucky Chicken and its friends may be used (including external communications, or other tricks to help navigate). Plucky Chickens should expect the way to be obstructed by great dangers. Watch out for frying pans.
Candidates for the Chickengard prize should begin gathering at Sandson’s Farm at 2:30 pm. Instructions will be reviewed at 2:45 pm. A roster of Plucky Chickens will be recorded, then session play should begin within 5 minutes of 3:00 pm. The race will begin promptly at 3:00 pm.  Straggling chickens may begin shortly after, with the hope of overtaking Chickens down the road, but please send a /tell to Bredhe to be added to the roster before entering session play.
It is recommended that you be at least eligible for Free Range, in order to get a maximum of 8 hours session play time. If you have not completed the regional quests, choose one of the two-hour quests, such as the Rivendell run.
Only one Plucky Chicken will win! 
Third Marshal Ashigaru Trecalia will serve as judge. The judge’s decision will be final. There will be no Court of Appeals. Once a chicken reaches the steps, the race is finished.
The race went well, although only two chickens took on the challenge, Rozalinde and Gloompeach, but a number of Kinmates and friends escorted, and even Warden Pinestro came to their aid at the gates of Orthanc to take down the Troll guards (which got me the title Gatecrasher!)
Both chickens finished the race, but Rozalinde clinched it by just 12 minutes! Truly Plucky Chickens!

Images Courtesy of  Bredhe Lillian

EDIT: Attendee Freemark has kindly posted a video of the Remediator’s set for your enjoyment.

Video Courtesy of Timcoolish

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Blaugust Day 29 – Pax Flu and I’m not even there!

I seem to have suddenly come down with something, so I don’t feel good at all today but as we’re so close to the end of Blaugust, I just had to get a post in.

I’ve not had a great deal of energy to play much today, tried a little Lotro. Diaspora has made it through the Paths of the Dead, so is starting the initial Gondor quests. As she’s only 94, the quests and mobs are orange, which are great for XP but I have died several times, especially as I could barely focus.

Lil Knifesedge dipped into Guild Wars 2, which has apparently gone free to play today. Not sure she did a great deal apart from dying her armour, which is her favourite part of the game.

I also played a little Marvel Heroes 2015. Easy to veg out with mindless violence, especially with my favourite character, The Punisher and managed to get him up to level 49 so getting closer to one of my targets on my Gamer To Do List.

Plus, Big Explosions

Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow!
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Blaugust Day 28 – Interview with a mobile gamer (or two)

My wife, here known as Mrs Knifesedge, while not a gamer in the traditional sense, probably clocks up more hours gaming than I do, solely on mobile devices. I thought I’d ask her a few questions to act as a Blog Post, then 4 year old Lil Knifesedge, herself a budding gamer, decided to answer too.
What games are you playing right now?

Mrs Knifesedge (MK): Alphabetty, Words With Friends, Frozen Free Fall and Harvest Swap

Lil Knifesedge (LK): Inside Out: Thought Bubbles, Subway Surfers, Looney Tunes, Jiggity, Paint Monsters, Guild Wars 2 and Marvel Heroes 2015.

What’s your favourite gaming platform?
MK: Ipad or Iphone when Ipad is not available

LK: Ipad
Out of all the games you’ve played in mobile format, what’s your favourite? What keeps you coming back to a particular game?

MK: Bejewelled Blitz closely followed by Farm Heroes. Both are engaging and challenging, however when I get to the point I can’t go further, I have rage quit both games.

LK: Inside Out: Thought Bubbles. I like how you beat levels and get new characters.

How do you feel about monetisations in mobile games and would you put money into them for convenience?
MK: Definitely not! If you can put money in to win, then what’s the point of playing?

LK: Daddy won’t let me have his Itunes password.
Thanks to both Mrs and Lil Knifesedge for their input!

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Blaugust Day 27 – More SWTOR and a new character

Well as Blaugust is coming to a close, I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot stick to a Gamer to do list! I’ve started playing two games fairly heavily that I hadn’t played a great deal previously and weren’t on my plan for the month, Fallout New Vegas and Star Wars The Old Republic. At least I got a few posts out if it!
Back to SWTOR again today and after battling for a while with my Sith Warrior, trying to figure out gear, rotations and how to avoid dying, I decided it might be a nice idea to try a new character. So, Diaspora was born, a Republic Trooper, named after my LOTRO Captain.. I’m really loving the ranged abilities, more suited to my play-style.
Starting from scratch again has turned out to be a great idea. I have a better handle on gear and the quests being more of a military bent. I’ve also started to have ideas for a back ground of the character, something I rarely do. Diaspora is all about business, very strict in her devotion to the Republic and takes her role very seriously. She also loves the occasional smack down with the butt of her rifle. Not sure she’ll get used to her junior officers calling her Sir though.

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