#Blaugust2019 – New Organised Play Campaign from Chaosium

Call of Cthulhu has been in my life for many years. Whether as fiction; the Cthulhu Mythos being classified a genre unto itself thanks to the work of HP Lovecraft and those that followed or in roleplaying form, the RPG Call of Cthulhu produced by Chaosium is currently in its 7th Edition and is currently having something of a renaissance thanks to its introduction of a one-shot on popular podcast show, Critical Role

I have been running Call of Cthulhu Campaigns in my play by post sites for many years and today I got some exciting news, a new “Organised Play” Campaign is coming later this year. These are designed for GM’s that play publicly to introduce players to the game, often at conventions, and are available to insiders, part of the “Cult of Chaos” – GM’s that apply for this honoured position. I have been playing their last campaign of this nature on Gamer’s Plane – A Time to Harvest and the introduction of another campaign is great news, especially if the quality of the stories are as excellent.

Entitled Flotsam and Jetsam, this campaign is a four-part serial, and introduces the journal, Strange But True! and presumably, the investigators will be employees of the newspaper.

STRANGE BUT TRUE! is a weekly newspaper publishing “true” accounts of the bizarre, the weird, and the frankly unbelievable. Elijah Cleaver, the chief editor and publisher, may have a taste for the outlandish, but he knows that the world is filled with darker secrets than most of his readers could care to imagine. When he can, he uses the resources of his newspaper and its loose network of investigators to uncover the truth and present it to an incredulous readership. Whether or not such investigations result in a publishable story, Cleaver hopes to, at least, make the world a safer place.


H1Z1 Just Survive Update


Although H1Z1 Just Survive, the survival portion of the game by Daybreak Games has been sunset, there may be some good news of the horizon. From an email today:

Dear Survivors,

As we announced back in August, we’ve made the difficult decision to sunset Just Survive on Wednesday, October 24 at 11 a.m. PT. All game servers will be coming offline at that time, and the game will no longer be available for play. For answers to some of your frequently asked questions regarding the Just Survive sunset, please read this article.

While this chapter for Just Survive has come to an end, we are discussing the possibility of allowing our partner and developer of Z1 Battle Royale, NantG Mobile, to bring Just Survive back online and take over development of the game sometime in the future. Should we have further information to share regarding that matter we’ll be sure to inform you accordingly.

Thank you again for the countless hours of fun across Pleasant Valley and Badwater Canyon – we appreciate your support and dedication to Just Survive.

If this happens, I’ll be very happy. Although I haven’t played regularly, I did like to jump in for hours at a time and the base building element was really beginning to grow. I was hoping for a time where servers weren’t continuously wiped and bases would stay put.

Here’s hoping NantG see the sense in bringing the game back to (un)life.

Durin’s Day in LOTRO

So this weekend is the time of Durin’s Day in Lord of the Rings Online and there’s a Deed available if you visit the monument in Erebor where the thrush tapped on the stone on Durin’s Day, when the light of the setting sun revealed the secret door (in The Hobbit) The deed is available until Monday 22nd October, 2018.

I visited on several characters before taking my Captain, Diaspora there and summoned a load of characters to claim the deed (while promoting the Charity LOTRO Twitch stream, currently raising money for Extra Life)

I got this lovely shot on Diaspora, showing the spot and the one place in LOTRO where you see the sun and the moon at the same time.


New World of Darkness game coming soon – Werewolf The Apocalypse

Paris-based video game publisher Focus Home Interactive is pleased to announce its partnership with White Wolf Publishing, license owner of the famous World of Darkness universe (Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf, Mage Ascension).
The World of Darkness is a gritty vision of our own time. The world’s most devious conspiracies are true. The divide between the rich and the poor is huge and corruption is rife. In the shadows of our declining societies, humans fall victim to supernatural horrors, all struggling for control.
The partnership between Focus Home Interactive and White Wolf Publishing concerns the adaptation in a video game of one of the most acclaimed licenses from the World of Darkness – Werewolf: The Apocalypse. The game will be developed by studio Cyanide (Styx: Master of Shadows, Blood Bowl, Call of Cthulhu). Become a werewolf, known as Garou (from French “Loup-garou” meaning werewolf), immersed in the atmosphere of their shamanistic and tribal world. Garou are Werewolf warriors opposed to urban civilization and supernatural corruption, all heading towards inevitable apocalypse.
“The World of Darkness has always attracted creatives with a strong passion for telling dark and immersive stories. So to work closely with the great talent at Focus Home and Cyanide exploring the savage Werewolves of this universe is an absolutely fantastic experience for us at White Wolf and we are more than excited to see this great and highly relevant IP realized in a video game ,” says Tobias Sjögren, CEO of White Wolf.
“We are pleased to partner with White Wolf to bring Werewolf: The Apocalypse to life in a video game for consoles and PC. We are excited to work on the World of Darkness universe, as this is formidable playground to tell the players a great story. We are also happy to partner with Cyanide Studio in this adventure. They are behind the original wish to adapt this universe, and we are faithful in their ability to create a game that will please both fans of World of Darkness and newcomers,” says Cédric Lagarrigue, President of Focus Home Interactive
More info about this new adaptation of this brutal Werewolf mythology to come at this year’s event in Paris, What’s Next de Focus , on February 1st and 2nd.

Blaugust 2016 Day 13 – Gaming goals for the rest of 2016 and beyond

So with four and a bit months left to go of the year, I have decided I want to make concerted effort to work through some of the games I have started or bought intending to throw myself into. As I don’t currently have an MMO sucking me in, this might be a good time, if I can drag myself away from No Man’s Sky and Diablo 3! I can’t say I’ll get through these by the end of the year, but I’d love to make a start.

Fallout 4 – My aim is to finish the story. I’ve been far too bogged down with base building and need to focus on it. Not too concerned about DLC

Dragon Age : Inquisition – On PS3 so doesn’t appear on my Steam list (and probably why I keep forgetting about it)

Shadows of Mordor – Another PS3 title. Really want to get through the storyline

Batman: Arkham City – PS3 again. Fully intend NOT to buy the more recent Arkham game until I get through this.

BioShock Infinite – I’m a fair way through this but find I only play in short bursts. Really need to get it finished.

Mass Effect 2 and 3 – I played through 1 on the XBox but has started again on the PC to go through the whole story. Currently on 2 but barely into it.

 The Witcher 3 – It’s there, installed and mocking me. Not even started yet but I really want to sit down and play this. That might take up most of 2017.

The Walking Dead Season 2 – I enjoyed season one but never got back to play through the second part

Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Started and really like it

XCom Enemy Unknown – still haven’t finished part one and really want to try part 2

Any suggestions on where to start?

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Blaugust 2016 Day 11 No Man’s Sky

It was late at night, several hours after the PC of launch of a game I have anticipated for years, No Man’s Sky. I had wanted to buy it at launch but started reading reviews to get a feel for any issues that may have occurred, something anyone buying on the first day is aware of. It didn’t look good. Steam reviews were mixed , with 51% being negative, lots of complaints of the game not launching or for those that did get in, terrible lag and stuttering even on high end systems. It didn’t look good for me and my two year old machine with a GTX 555 graphics card.

I checked Twitter and the feed showed the same picture. Huge amounts of people complaining, warning people against wasting their money. I’d had a similar experience with Total War :Warhammer that took ages to get fixed. To add to that, I noticed a friend was playing on Steam so I hit him up and asked him how it was going. Not good came the response, Had been following all the suggested fixes and despite having a fairly high end machine, couldn’t get it to run.

I wished him luck and went to play Diablo 3 as I’ve been doing the last couple of nights but it wouldn’t load. I tried out the Battlefront Star Wars Trial that Origin are offering (first four hours for free, highly recommend it) but after finishing the tutorial, I glanced at my Steam friends list. Now four people playing No Man’s Sky. So I buckled. I bought it, downloaded and started it up.

It loaded first time! And not only that, it ran incredibly smoothly. No lag, no hitching and damn, this game is beautiful! and the sound – just amazing. I was hooked and three hours later, at 2am I got my spaceship to fly to big black. I can’t wait to get back in tonight. Here’s a few screenshots from my first session.

My homeplanet, later renamed Knifesedge Alpha. Stranded with a broken spaceship

View across what is now known as the Knifesedge Badlands

We have liftoff!

A great feeling of achievement when you finally take off

Why does this Space Station AI remind me of Hal 9000?

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Blaugust 2016 Day 9 – The Last Leviathan First Impressions

The Last Leviathan is currently a fairly unique game, at least in my own experience, though I have heard it compared to a game called Besiege. The game is at it’s heart a ship building simulator allowing players to build anything from a small raft to a massive multi-gunned battleship. As easy as this may sound, the game very heavily incorporates physics, so overweight one side, the vessel will tip over as soon as it hits the water (as  I discovered on many building attempts)

In its current form, the game has Creative mode, where you play around with the tools to create your different vessels, Battle Seas where you get to take on ever increasingly more powerful NPC vessels, Versus mode where you can battle your own creations or those in the Steam Workshop and finally events that allow the Devs to pit players against special challenges.

There is another mode in the works, the one I’m most interested in, Voyage Mode, which potential will be more of an adventure style mode. This should also introduce sea monsters and the titular Last Leviathan.

Still in Early Access, The Last Leviathan has a way to go but even with what you can do now, it’s well worth £6.99 on Steam . Here’s the Official Trailer.

This post is part of Blaugust 2016, an initiative to Blog throughout August. For more information visit the Tales of the Aggronaut Blog