#Blaugust2022 Day 5 – Intro post

Hi, it’s Craig here, AKA Knifesedge . Although I’m only on post five, we are now into the second week of Blaugust 2022, where the theme is Introduce Yourself, so here is a post about me, for those that don’t know me.

By trade I am an online English tutor, though formerly I was a chef and restaurant manager.

My online presence comes under the pseudonym of Knifesedge, not for any attempt at anonymity, but it was the name I used back when the internet was born and it kind of stuck. I use it for gaming (knifesedge games) blogging (knifesedge blogs) and my teaching (knifesedge TEFL) but the name originally came from the play by Mail gaming operation that started in the early 90’s.

I’m a big RPG fan and have played hundreds of games starting with D and D back in the early 80’s. I currently run games using PBP (Play by Post) now exclusively on the website Gamersplane.com . Currently I run a number of Call of Cthulhu games and a couple of Warhammer Fantasy campaigns.

Gaming is life for me and I’m always on one game or another, be it PC, PlayStation or mobile games. My preference is for MMO’s , Survival and strategy games, but I’ll try anything.

I’m also a keen gardener and occasionally blog about how my growing is getting on. I’ve picked up a lot of tips over the years so if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to write about on the garden front, please let me know.

I also used to work with the British Fantasy Society and ran their Indie Press reviews section for a number of years. I have a series of blog posts of genre writers under my Guest Post section where they share their thoughts on writing and gaming and where the two might join. I try to add a few posts to this section every year, so I hope you enjoy those.

I’ve been a part of Blaugust pretty much since it’s inception and though I rarely have time to keep up a regular blogging schedule through the year, I try to post as much as I can through August. I am glad to be part of this growing community of lovely people and I will try to swing by your own posts to say hi!

Happy Gaming!


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