#Blaugust2022 Day 4 – Garden catchup: Tomatoes

After the chaos of the last couple of years, I’ve struggled to find energy to grow much let alone write about it but this year that has turned around. Having found inspiration from a number of YouTubers , notably Huw Richards (channel) I have not only grown more variety than ever before but upped my compost game and started delving into the world of enhancers like nettle tea and leaf mould.

Tomatoes have been a big focus this season. I have 31 plants dotted all around the garden, in tubs, pots, hanging baskets and directly in the ground.
The planting area by my shed gets the most sun and those have been doing much better. Once a week I’ve been feeding them with commercial tomato feed and then a separate feed of home made nettle tea.
Now, being early August, most plants have reached their peak growth and some are slowly starting to ripen.
Today I picked the first ripened tomato of the season. Very sweet!

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