Blaugust 2022 begins. Day 1!

So it’s August already and that means another round of Blaugust, a month of regular posting as inspired by Belghast at Tales of the Aggronaut. What started as an initiative to encourage bloggers to post every day for a month, it has become a beacon for bloggers to keep the hobby alive and encourage any kind of content creation. I personally try to take part each year and while I don’t manage to post every day, it does push me to post more. Sadly the last year has been too busy for me to even open my blog and as a result, I only have a single post since last August! I will try harder, I promise!

As my blog claims, I talk about gaming, gardening, and Indie horror. As I no longer edit fiction reviews for the BFS, I likely won’t be touching on that but I’m still very much gaming and have plenty to discuss. Also, my gardening has taken off this year and probably have some photos to share from my current crops growing.

I have absolutely no plan and I’ll be travelling at the end of the month but let’s see where this year takes us.

So if these things interest you, feel free to follow and drop a comment if you have your own blog you think I should check out!


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