Blaugust 2021 Begins! Day One.

So cheating a little bit here, as most entrants seem to write an intro to Blaugust before it actually kicks off, but I’m not ready at all so this will be my first post.

I’ve been involved with Blaugust, partly on the sidelines, since it began way back when (2014 I think) so I’ll give it another try. I hope to post once a day though that’s not always possible but as I haven’t blogged in a while I have a lot to share about what I’ve been up to. I potentially might have a guest post or two in there as well, adding to my series of writers who were influenced by gaming.

So what is Blaugust? Well, I can’t assume everyone reading this knows, so it’s been described as a Festival of Blogging, started by Belghast of the “Tales of the Aggronaut” blog – definitely go check him out. The initial idea was to encourage bloggers to try to post something every day through the month of August. Over the years that hardcore element has stripped away, allowing participants to write as much as they have time or the inclination to, though there are still the hardcore bloggers out there who will chase the golden price awarded for a full month of blog posts.

It’s a great way to encourage newbies to start a blog, to bring back old hacks like me and to bring a little community back to something that has been pushed aside in favour of cat videos on Youtube.

Although originally focussed on gaming blogs, Blaugust is open to all, an it’s not to late to sign up. Get over to Bel’s post and there you will find a sign up form to get involved. There’s even a Discord server to get help and advise on blogging and to share your posts for other folks to peer at.

So watch this space. It might not be all about gaming, feel free to skip over whatever doesn’t interest you but I’m glad to have you here. Feel free to comment or reach out on Twitter @knifesedgegames

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