To stream or not to stream? #Blaugustreborn

So over the last week or so I have thought about returning to streaming. I never did it with any particular fervour in the past, my machine never up to running both a game and streaming it at the same time, but with a better machine I decided it was time to give it a try.

Now because of my setup, I have opted not to use camera or voice (for now). I know this is no way to build a hugely popular stream but I’m doing this to share my love of gaming, not to become some internet celebrity. I want the focus to be on the game, not me.

Having said that, I have gone to some length to try and figure out the technology required and was to pretty up the stream. I’ve started using Streamlabs OBS, instead of the original OBS software I used previously and I’ve been playing with templates to have a Stream Starting screen and a template to make it my own. I’m never comfortable designing this kind of stuff, but I think I’ve got it working effectively.

So far I’ve tried streaming LOTRO ( a pain as it crashes every time I tab out) and No Man’s Sky, a game a recently returned to following the Next Update. I do get the odd viewer popping in and have a couple of new subscribers since I returned. I’m sure if I start varying the games I play, I’ll attract a wider audience and having access to Pre-release review copies, that might be good opportunity to show them off.

So, dear reader, if you stream, what do you play? Do you have any tips?

If you’re a twitch viewer, swing by my stream if you see me online, and say hi. You’ll find me at

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