End of Summer 2017 gaming update

So Summer has been very busy work wise and though I’ve had time for gaming at night I’ve not had a great deal of time to blog about it so I thought I’d post here to recap what I’ve been up to.

Lord of the Rings Online

LOTRO – Jestro at Mount Doom

After a self-imposed exile of several months from my favourite MMO, returned to Middle Earth after  Turbine let go of it and Standing Stone games took over and I haven’t regretted it one bit. After burning out on Gondor, arriving in Ithilien was a breath of fresh air and the subsequent release of Mordor has kept me hooked. Running regular Roving Threats runs in the Wastes felt worthwhile, giving lots of useful currency for gear and reputation and despite doing it daily on several characters for some time, did not feel grindy and was a lot of fun. Mordor has ramped up the difficulty level, so even my best geared, level capped character, Jestro the Hobbit Hunter, needs to enter with care. I also set myself the challenge of leveling Jodri the RuneKeeper from level 45 to cap, but on the release of Mordor only made it to 85 and got distracted by the new shinies.

Diablo 3 
Diablo 3 – Sir Davvos

On launch of the newest season, I decided to dip back into Diablo 3 with a new character. I’m a latecomer to this game and have only participated in 3 previous seasons and have still not completed an entire season journey, a series of tasks to obtain new cosmetic gear and other goodies. This time round I’m running a Crusader and recently completed the storyline so now working up to level 70. This game is giving me a lot of interesting challenges and where I previously hadn’t hunted builds for the best experience, I have found myself watching videos to learn to gear this class in the most effective way.

Another game I was late to come to, as I’m not a huge fan of FPS games, but I picked this up on sale and I love it, at least in small doses. I’ve discovered that healing is most satisfying for me, so I gravitate to Mercy. I also dipped into the Summer Games event and playing a little LucioBall, a kind of 3-a-side soccer game using the character Lucio and his sonic gun, which led me to try out that character as a healer too. I’ll definitely be playing this game for a while to come.

Steam Summer Sale
This year I grabbed a few games on the cheap in the summer sale on Steam.
Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch is a fun little game, expanding on those mini games from a few years ago where you have a stick man samurai. The game is a lot more detailed with various weapons to pick up to decapitate and generally maim enemies.

Cannon Fodder 3

Cannon Fodder 3 is an awesome update on the great Cannon Fodder games on the Amiga in the 90’s. I recently played Tiny Soldiers on iOS and this is similar, run a number of soldiers around an enemy base and blow things up!

Neighbours from Hell I’ve not yet tried, but I remember it looking awesome when I grabbed it and I must make a note of giving it a try.

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