Blaugust 2016 Day 5 – Return to the Wasteland

Today I returned to Fallout 4. Having got more than a little burned out on release and never actually getting through the story, I decided it was time to revisit. 

I found my trusty Deliverer right where I left it so dipped right back in to the main story, that required a trip to the irradiated area far to the south. Then I realised why I’d quit, it was too hard. So I abandoned my stealthy gear, got into my lead lined Power Armour and stomped in, barely making it to the crazy Atom worshippers. Once I’d got that out of the way I came to realise not only was I very short on 10mm ammo for my trusty stealth weapon but the ammo crafting mod I used to use no longer functioned. 
Looking into how I could restore the function, I found an official add on had been released that allowed for ammo manufacture, so I snapped it up as it was on sale anyway, and set up my bench in the Castle. Once I’d managed to get everything together for the required power, switch and controller I started the processes of manufacture, only to find I’m drastically short of lead, a key component. Not knowing where best to hunt for lead other than pencils, I searched the map for a viable supply and spotted the Boston Library, as yet unvisited. Let’s hope the amount of ammo I use clearing the place will be worth the return on pencil lead!

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