Blaugust Day 16 – My favourite class

Today I’m going back to last years writing prompts. As these were collated by Belghast, I can’t credit who originally wrote it, but here it is.

What is your favorite class? Do you play a new type each game that comes out or is there always one type of class that you tend to favor?

Jestro the Hobbit Hunter (Lotro)

Ultimately, any class that is ranged DPS is my class of choice. In my first MMO, Lord of the Rings Online, my very first character was a hunter, pewing pewing with a bow, staying as far back as possible and I prided myself on using traps and crowd control to wipe out any enemies before they reached me. Since switching servers and playing a warden, even that I play as a ranged class, preferring Javelin over spear but the hunter will always be my favourite.

Jestro the Asura Ranger  (Guild Wars 2)

In Guild Wars 2, naturally Ranger is my main and following the short race I so love in LOTRO, that the Asura was a natural choice. Despite Longbow being the favoured weapon among most players, I always preferred short bow so have to get a bit closer but it feels a lot faster to me, and the bleeds are awesome!

The Punisher (Marvel Heroes)

The third MMO that I’ve spent more time than others is Marvel Heroes and naturally I looked for a ranged class. Hawkeye would be the most likely canditate but I absolutely hate the character in the Avenger’s movies (Give me Green Arrow any day, but sadly DC are not welcome in the Marvel Universe for some reason) So, going a little more modern, I tried out the Punisher. I’ve always been a fan of the character and it suits me down to the ground. Pew Pew with big explosions – what more could a guy want?

Elbereth the Elven Ranger (Neverwinter)

It’s been a while since I played, but Neverwinter was once my game of choice and when I first played, there was no ranger class. I played a Rogue for some time which I recall had some ranged skills, but when the Ranger class came out I jumped on board. Sadly I stopped playing not long after that, so never gave the class a fair crack, but maybe one day I’ll jump back in, the Ranger will be my main.

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4 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 16 – My favourite class

  1. A hobbit hunter! Wow, those were always really rare. It's fun to see someone go with the uncommon choices.As for the ranger in GW2, I enjoy playing that a lot as well (more than the hunter in LOTRO, truth be told).Love the topic. I feel like writing a blog post on my favourite class type as well now! Although I probably won't find the time to do so, because Blaugust keeps coming up with these awesome topics and then I don't find enough time to keep up.Either way, ever since I fell in love with the lore-master class in LOTRO, ranged magic support classes have been my favourite.


  2. It wasn't by design that I went for an uncommon choice. Jestro was based on my old character in the pen and paper Middle Earth RPG but I certainly go with what I want to play rather that what is “the best”.At least you have an excess of topics to keep you going after Blaugust is over!Loremaster is one class I struggled to get on with. I have one on both Landroval and Windfola and neither have made it very high in level.


  3. If solo leveling is what you spend the most time on as a lore-master (as I suspect you did when trying to level them up), I can understand the struggle, and I've heard it before. Lore-masters really shine in their support role, having such versatility. When I do need to explore, I enjoy playing mine most when duoing with Conrad's champion – we're basically unbeatable in that combination. Although soloing isn't a problem for me either; at high levels (I'm 100 at the moment) the class feels a bit overpowered even.


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