April drawing to a close and things are flying!

 Nice surprise at the allotment today, visiting first time in a week to find the things I planted in the greenhouse have taken off. Some very solid Sweetcorn F1 plants along with some French Climbing Beans. Clearly very tasty as slugs have munched through a couple already along with month of the peas I planted.

The climbers are now safely in the ground but I forgot my homebrew I was planning to use for beer traps. Hopefully they’ll survive the night.

Things planted in the ground last couple of weeks are starting to show up, lots of Kale and the first Broad Beans. I’m amazed the soil is producing anything. Right now it’s dried and looks like solid clay. 
Back at home, the fruits are looking promising. Raspberry canes have shown themselves and are sprouting up through the lawn. Dug a few up and replanted in the beds, so hopefully they’ll produce this year too.

I’ll also bought a new cover for my small greenhouse and used the torn cover from last year to make an ad hoc cold frame.

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